Connor has always had a true passion for bikes. At 3 years old he had an LT50 quad, by six he was asking if he could race.

At the end of 2000 he started racing and by his 3rd meeting he won. This was the beginning of his love for racing. Over the next 3½ seasons he raced in the Nora 85cc British MX Championship. Racing boys up to the age of 14 he still managed many race wins in some very close battles.

The start of road racing

At the age of 11 after 8 years of riding auto bikes he wanted more. Unable to move into the 250cc geared class because of age and size he started looking elsewhere.

In 2005 he went to Valencia to watch Moto GP and said “That’s what I want to do” that winter he raced his x-sport 4 stroke as he was interested in doing supermoto.

In 2006 he entered the Phoenix British supermoto championship and became champion: winner of 18races. At the end of 2006 season he tested a 50GP Conti and was hooked for his 12th birthday he got his own 50cc Conti

Entered the winter English Championship: Champion 15 wins of 16 and a 2nd

2007 season

He entered both the ERMA and Phoenix 70cc Championship.

Being his 1 st season he knew he had a lot of learning and improvement to make, but made a very positive start, improving all the time with set up, style and confidence.

One of his most impressive meetings at EMRA was in very wet conditions. He battled all race with a GP125. He finished 9 th in front of 2 GP125 all the F125 and nearly a lap in front of the next Jawa 72cc.

The boy behind the smile

Connor is a great kid who loves life. A bit of a joker at time, but is very mature in the way he thinks and focuses on new challenges. He has a very competitive nature and likes to do well. He works hard and pushes himself to improve and achieve the best from himself and to master his craft.


Snowboarding, skiing, scuba driving, ice skating and many more, but his main love are motorbikes. Mainly he trains to improve his fitness, as he is well aware of health, fitness and diet play a big part in him achieving his goals.

2008 season

After good results in his 1 st season. Connor is looking at competing in more full size track events in 2008. He would really love the opportunity to race aboard at some point as well.

PP Construction LTD has very kindly put some Sponsorship for 2008. This has enable Connor to compete in the Thundersport GB Championship on an Aprilia RS125 in their novice class. He should receive his Aprilia the week before the first round at Mallory.

As we all know racing is a very expensive and competitive sport so we are looking for more sponsors or help, as racing is his life and he would race every weekend if he could. If you are interested please contact Chris by email Chris_j_tagg @hotmail.co.uk