Mallory Park 20th April EMRA championship

It was the 2nd round of the Emra championship. The 1st round on March 2nd i had entered on my 70cc conti as i didn’t have my Aprilia then. It was a good weekend with 2 wins . This time i was racing in the formula 125 class.

Qualifying was wet ,very similar conditions to the thundersport 1st round at Mallory. I was really pleased as my lap times had improved and i was on pole.

1st RACE: I have been practising my starts a couple of times and my start was much better. I was up battling with the back of the GP 125 field and finished 1st in the formula 125 class.

2nd RACE: My start was not as good and battled 2 or 3 laps for the lead. I managed to pass and to create a gap to win the 2nd formula 125 race.

It was a good weekend and it was nice to be at emra as most of the officials know me. I choose to stay on the Dunlop tyres that i use at Thundersport despite other riders opting to use full wets. I was really pleased my lap times had improved and i felt much happier with my bike. Next race at Cadwell Park with Thundersport……….

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