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2011 GP2 Mallory Park

Monday, March 21st, 2011

I had a good start to the new season managering pole on saturday, a win and a 3rd . On Sunday for the 1st race conditions changed and being my 1st weekend on the Bridgestones it took me a few laps to feel comfortable and by this time it was too late to fight for the win and came home in 2nd . In the second race it was much better and chased down 1st place in the closing laps. I had it all set up for the last lap but a back marker showed up just in the wrong place so it was another 2nd but just 0.03 off the win. Next time Donnington Park with the 450’s at wsb . It should be good…

I would like to thank all my sponsors for this year  PP Construction, Nitro Helmets, Bridgestone. A big thank you also to: Ian and Myra Newton, Dave and Berandette Stewart and all at Thundersport without them this all wouldn’t be possible……….But mainly a big thank you to my Dad.