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Mallory Park 16th March 1st round Thundersport GB

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

After a matter of a few hours on my Aprilia i was feeling excited and positive about my 1st race.

Qualifying was wet and i ended up 8th on the grid of 46 riders.

1st RACE: The lights went out and i wheeled off the line which lost me a number of places going into the 1st corner. Conditions were still wet so i managed to make up 4 or 5 positions during the race finishing 10th of 36.

2nd RACE: This time i was slower off the line and one of the riders from behind me hit my front brake leaver as he pasted me. My bike wobbled like mad and my Dad said he had to look away thinking i was going to end up in the wall. Some how i saved it but by this time i was nearly last into the 1st corner with a damaged front brake leaver. I got myself together and had a good rhythm and managed to work my way up the field to finish 16th of 30 riders.

Not a bad 1st meeting but for Oulton Park i need to get my bike set up so i can get on it quicker. My starts have never been a problem, looking back now a couple of practise starts would have been helpful. Next race Oulton Park 5th of April can’t wait……………….